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Browse & Share Events

Whether you’re planning a night out or looking to stay updated on campus events, conveniently browse dozens of local events updated daily.

Deals & Discounts

Abuzz delivers local deals & discounts to students looking for cheap eats & exclusive promos at the top spots in town.

Buy & Sell

A marketplace you can trust. Need a couch? Or tickets for the game? Subletting your room? Buy & sell with other students.

Students Only

Private to students at your university.

Join Hives

College is where lifelong friendships begin. Create & join hives from around campus! Whether you’re looking for a club, students in your major, or people in your dorm - there’s a Hive for everything!

Browse & Share Events

Find out what’s happening on campus & around town. Looking for live music? Guest Speakers? Browse by your interests or create & share your events with others!

Deals & Discounts

Cheap eats. Special Deals. Exclusive promos. Abuzz has deals & discounts from the best spots in town!

Buy & Sell

Buy & sell items with fellow classmates in a private & secure Marketplace. Whether you need to find a sublease or sell your books at the end of the semester -- post it or find similar items in the Abuzz Marketplace.

Customize By Your Interests

At the heart of Abuzz is an Interest Engine that helps you find deals, events, & students you care about.

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