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“Abuzz is so helpful in getting the word out. Clubs and events that nobody knew about are now growing and successful because Abuzz makes it so easy for students to engage and invite others to participate.”

Iris Sorrell
Current Student at Adrian College

“Abuzz might be the best thing that has come to Lawrence Tech’s campus in my time here. Covid really took a toll on LTU’s student life and sense of community. But ever since we integrated Abuzz into the campus, it begins to feel like a cohesive family, more and more every day.”

Juliana Azzi
LTU Student Government Vice President

“Higher education is short staffed across the nation. Often times it can be overwhelming to be creative and innovative and find new things to do for the students. So, when Abuzz stepped in it was like I had a whole new set of co-workers by my side.”

Thomas Doney
Dean of Students, Adrian College


Messaging and Chats

From day one, you’ll be instantly connected to your fellow classmates based on your graduating year and major. You’ll also gain secure and private access to administrators to ask questions, stay up-to-date on relevant topics, and always be a tap away from getting assistance. Connect with other students by class and by major.

  • Connect with other students by class and by major.
  • Student-admin connections are secure and private to encourage community building, collaboration, and information sharing.
  • Direct messages, group chats, and discussions give you many ways to connect with people and partcipate in what’s going on at your school.
  • Use polls to find out what people think and gain valuable (or hilarious) insight into what matters most around campus.

Student and School Groups

Groups enable you to build connections around common interests and topics, as well as keeping you informed about what matters to you on campus and with your administrators.

  • Student and School Groups build connections to encourage engagement. Students are instantly connected with their peers by class year and major.
  • Create and share upcoming events for groups, clubs, teams, and more.
  • Public groups are open to the entire community, while private groups allow for invitation-only features specific to your needs.

Deals and Marketplace

Whether you’re looking for a free coffee, to sell your old textbooks, or find the perfect bike for your daily commute, Abuzz deals and marketplace has it all.

  • Student deals are created by local and national businesses to give you discounts on your favorite things like food, apparel, banking, and more.
  • Marketplace provides a way for you to buy, sell, and swap things in a secure and easy-to-use environment.

Additional Features

Abuzz puts campus communications in students’ hands with interactive alerts in a way that websites and emails can’t offer.

Campus events

Create events and publish to entire campus, or select groups.

Notifications & alerts

Create in-app or device alerts to notify students of upcoming events, news, or emergency notifications.

Campus groups

Create unlimited groups for teams, clubs, interests, and invite students to join via built-in group invite functionality.

New student orientation

Welcome new students to the campus community, before they even step foot on campus.

Direct messaging

Secure Direct Message functionality allows students to communicate to students and administrators.

Student discounts

Local and national deals add value to the student experience by providing discounts to things they want and need.

Student marketplace

A campus-centric marketplace allows students to exchange textbooks, dorm room items, clothes, or services.

Student directory

Connect your students to other students through the searchable student directory. Provide new students to make connections quickly and easily.

My favorite thing about Abuzz is the overall community it brings! In the app, many students are able to connect via group chat which allows students to make friends outside of them receiving notifications about events/programs on campus. This allows students to build connections and create a better life for themselves!

JaJuan Jones Jr, Lawrence Tech University, ’23

Frequently Asked Questions

Abuzz was first established as a student-only platform to help students take advantage of their campus, evolving to now pair unique student-centric features like group chats and a buy-and-sell marketplace with administrative tools like dynamic event alerts, resource notifications, and new-student orientation features to streamline campus communication and offer a student-friendly platform they will appreciate and utilize without being begged to adopt it. Our Engagement Team goes hand-in-hand with the Abuzz platform, offering college administrators a dedicated and collaborative team to serve as an extension to Student Life and Admissions departments, helping to activate new campus events, drive community-building promotions, and engage incoming students with their college and peers before they’ve even stepped foot on campus. Unlike more traditional engagement and communication platforms, Abuzz is a student app, an administrative life savor, and dedicated team of collaborators all bundled in one.

Yes, administrators are able to create both public and private groups. Abuzz Groups allow consolidated communication to student segments like class years, majors, and clubs, but can also serve as collections of resources from departments and services like tutoring, career development, networking sessions and more. Information and resources in Public Groups are accessible to all students across campus, while Private Groups offer spaces to consolidate sensitive or community-specific information. Abuzz groups simplify the various interfaces and platforms that students and administrators rely on to communicate.

Yes, the web Admin Dashboard offers various roles to easily invite campus staff or administrators with additional options to elevate student content liaisons to bridge the student-to-administrator communication gap without compromising account security or privacy.

Yes, Abuzz offers several methods for notifying students whether for general or urgent alerts. Abuzz provides ways to deliver community-specific notifications to specific segments of the student body such as class years, individual majors, clubs, or other custom groupings. The app also accommodates the need for emergency or urgent alerts to the entire campus.

We offer several partnership levels to allow colleges and universities a spectrum from autonomous platform management to dedicated and hands-on collaboration on proven engagement promotions, community building, and student life event implementation. Our team will assist with implementing and integrating the Abuzz app, and even offer training for student assistants to provide content assistance and moderation. Our team works to help colleges meet and exceed their engagement goals, whether through passively interjecting valuable student content like virtual events and promotions or actively collaborating on campus events, community building, and incoming student engagement.

Abuzz is currently available in the Apple, Google, and Android App stores in the US and in Canada. International students that activate a new SIM card upon arrival for the semester are able to access the platform.

Our team is always available to tend to questions and confusions, or provide tutorials on using the Abuzz app and/or Admin Dashboard. We can be reached through the Live Chat on our website or by email at info@campusabuzz.com.

Student reception and adoption of Abuzz has been overwhelmingly positive as both a slick, student-friendly app and an informative campus tool to rely on. The robust Abuzz Groups functionality relieves students from keeping up with numerous platforms and helps modernize the way they receive information. Abuzz merges social connectivity with campus communication, meaning incoming students can utilize a single platform to receive incoming-student information and alerts while also engaging with peers and seeking roommates.

Abuzz is a closed, campus-community platform only, meaning individuals without university credentials are effectively prevented from accessing the Abuzz app or communicating with students. We do not share student information or grant in-app access to third parties.