Bulldogs Got Talent

In a hands-on collaboration with the Student Life department, Abuzz assisted in activating a student Talent Show with live voting, a first time event at the college. Through Abuzz, students submitted video entries from musical talents to stand-up comedy. Ten (10) selected students were awarded the opportunity to perform for a packed auditorium where their peers enthusiastically cheered and voted in real-time through the Abuzz app, culminating in a grand prize (and ultimate bragging rights) for the winner.

  • Student Participation: 350+ attendees
  • In-App Activity: 600+votes in 2 hours
  • Engagement Success: 60% campus participation

Best Dorm

Nobody loves competition more than a college student! To help foster Residence Life community building, Abuzz hosted a Best Dorm tournament that engaged students in campaigning, competing, and voting for different dorms. Now an annual campus event, students take to Abuzz every fall to welcome new dorm residents and lobby for the Best Dorm recognition.

  • Student Participation: 60% campus participation
  • In-App Activity: 2,000+ votes
  • Engagement Success: increased ownership and participation in Res Life

Create Your Own Event

Abuzz assisted student employees and Student Life administrators with enhancing the annual campus Spring Fest event by empowering students to participate in shaping the event by voting on everything from food and music to event attractions and prizes. Student attendance and participation had never been higher!

  • Student Participation : 87% campus participation
  • In-App Activity: 800+votes
  • Engagement Success: increased attendance at annual school event

Philanthropic Events

In collaboration with the each school’s Greek Chapters, Abuzz proudly supports the awareness and goals of fundraising efforts. In the last year, Abuzz has helped raise an additional $2,000 in donations for many valuable causes.

  • Donations Raised through Abuzz: $2,000+
  • Student Fundraising Participation: 1,000+ students
  • Charitable Organizations supported by Abuzz at one school: 5

Create An Event

Contact us to create your own Abuzz event on your campus to drive greater engagement across the student community.